Tuesday, 30 April 2013


"You know the FX moviesThey are hot, the barebacking boys.
Especially during the break."

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Tom fucking his boy bareback. Very hot!

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"I couldn’t help but give Tanner a hard time…
“We have to trouble shoot,” I said. “Those big balls of yours are always in the way!”
He laughed. I knew he was having fun.
“I will try to keep them under control!”
Jayden was loving them too.
“They keep slapping against my ass,” he said. “It feels really good!”"

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"Size" fans will cream for days after viewing this classic and still-hugely popular 1984 gay porn. Student/teacher relations undergo some amazing changes in the first scene, in which Rick Donovan's killer dick powerdrills Matt Ramsey (a.k.a Peter North)'s tight hole.
More raunchy, big-dicked sex follows in this pre-condom wonder. The scene where Donovan starts to get himself off in front of a full-length mirror alone is worth owning this moan-inducing classic. See... bigger sometimes is definitely better! My favorite? Blonde adonis Shawn McIvan (a.k.a. Brian Hawks) getting it on in a bathroom stall, replete with glory holes and a heart-poundingly hot massive facial splat.
Buckets of cum, mega-huge cocks and underwear play like no other will put a big-ass smile on your face, guaranteed. One of director Matt Sterling's all-time greatest, The Bigger the Better is a must-see and a must-own title that belongs in every collection."

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This time I met a very cute boy waiting for a bus. He seemed to be quite open-minded but he didn't give me enough time to even explain what I want from him. In other words: he used his last chance to run away from me. Bad luck. So I walked down the street and after a few meters already – at the next bus-stop – I saw a second boy. With a very interesting face. He seemed to be quite busy with his mobile and when I approached him he told me that he visited his mum because he wanted to lend some money. That was more information than I asked for. And more information than I needed to start my little game. I don't want to tell you too much: but he had a really nice hard-on.

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"This is a video that was not scheduled to happen. Vander was in town to do his TagTeam with Aries and Solomon, but was also going to do a Serviced video with another new guy who, well, never showed up.
Vander is living off the grid, so it is challenging to get him here. He has a full day of travel, and his flights aren’t cheap. He is always on top of his game, so I hate to send him home without using him to his fullest.
Glenn was also eager to pick up some more work and was all set to do another video the following day. He is local and versatile, so he is on top of my list of Go To guys. I didn’t think an ‘oral only’ video would work, given they have done so much, and both guys were actually relieved they wouldn’t be having to make another guy cum. It is a lot of pressure!
After watching this video, you will see that I could not have been luckier. These two had real chemistry and a genuine hunger for each other. Vander starts by massaging Glenn’s feet, giving foot lovers a lovely show of his feet.
He moves around to his shoulders, brushing his hard cock close to Glenn’s face..like any frisky massage therapist would. Glenn tentatively reaches out to rub Vander’s cock through his underwear. Vander pulls down his shorts, releasing his growing cock. Glenn starts sucking on it immediately.
Glenn sure seems to enjoy blowing Vander! They go at it for quite some time, before Vander starts to focus on Glenn’s ass. He rims him until his cock is hard, then flips him on over to start servicing his dick.
He eventually climbs on top, sucking Glenn’s hard cock with gusto. Vander basically ends up sitting on Glenn’s face and it still surprises me that this very uptight straight guy is tonguing another dude’s ass.
Vander spins around and sits on Glenn’s cock. Despite his quads screaming he rides his cock with his own hard cock throbbing in his hand. Up and down he bounces on Glenn’s cock, trying to milk the cum out of him.
They give Vander’s legs a break by sitting face-to-face on the table, stroking each other’s cocks while kissing each other passionately. Vander then lays back while Glenn slides his ample cock deep inside Vander.
There is some amazing angles as Glenn rocks back and forth, using the position to totally showcase his dick deep inside Vander. Vander is in piggy bottom heaven.
The two move to the end of the table, which turned out to be a great position for Vander to cum in. Glenn fucks him hard until Vander is unloading on the floor.
Glenn should get an award for the most twitchy cock. He ramps up, squirts a little on the hole, then his cock jumps left and right as it spasms as load deep into Vander’s ass!"

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Out in public today, we got two sexy dudes getting busy outside for you all to see. If you want dope cock sucking and ass fucking look no further than this update. Best of all, it's all out in the open! So come watch these two studs fuck each other silly.

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Our Sexy Sunday is simply amazing. We feature Marcelo, Arno and Rodrigo. Between them there's something like 26" of hot latin meat! And our favorite power top knows just how to put it to these willing and hungry bottoms. But it doesn't stop there. Arno & Rodrigo love to top too! It's a super shoot and your surfers will love it! Enjoy!

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"Bareback Twink Street: It`s a gloomy day in London. Robin Hyde, a young lad new in town, looks anxiously for a new home. Or just a friendly face. A middle aged man approaches smiling. He can offer Robin somewhere to stay, and maybe some work too... RentBoy chronicles Robin`s accidental descent into the dark world of gay sex for money. A world of pimps, fetish, domination and debauchory, where anything goes as long as the price is right. Max Lincoln pulls no punches in his shocking depiction of Britain`s sex.
The guy in the red is such a hot cum swallower!"

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