Friday, 19 April 2013


“There’s nothing hotter than watching an adorable twink like Marty Marshall taking on three huge cocks. As he passes through a city park, Marco Bon Phoenix, Ray Johnson and Picardo can tell he’s lost. They can sniff out a bareback freak when they see him and after stopping Marty and finding a dildo in his backpack, the three take him back to their place where they proceed to strip Marty and use him for their wonderfully perverse bareback pleasures. And you won’t hear a peep out of Marty because he loves cock, loves cum and gets a triple cum facial to die for!”


Quick Bareback Outdoor Out In Public comes back in full effect with two sexy hunks meeting up in a rural area. Juliano Mendes and Thomas had sexual desires for each other once the got to know each other. They found a perfect spot. A nice little town in the middle of Europe. I wonder how many people were peeking through the blinds for this one. Tags: Bareback, Anal, Blowjob, Facial. 


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Rudy Valentino’s a popular guy – and not just with fans of gay porn. Fact is he’s a boy very much in demand, with a whole retinue of pals in his native Czech Republic who just want to spend time with him doing the things that young men their age do. Cue a horny parade of dick-straining, ball-draining action from some of the hottest dudes around – boys who would just love to be Valentino’s Valentine given half the chance. No need to wait until February, folks. These cum-obsessed cock sluts are up for hardcore fun 24/7 all the year round!


Ryu and Ricardo Mello were schoolmates at that time, Ryu had noticed the rolls of molec√£o, and imagined that one day he would still be much bigger dick, but he did not know how ... Time passed, and Ricardo walking a square, decided to stop exercising, when was the Lourinho, who lived nearby saw a guy he soon recognized the fellow grew, but his cock! People! The heart began pounding, and horny increased when Ryu, saw that pick coming your way, the kitten quickly began plotting a way to get that log in your ass bastard, to sit on it until the stalk, and fill your ass milk hot. Ricardo can drag to your house, and there …



Winter in the Czech Republic is truly a wonder to behold - but then the same could easily be said of blond beauty, Tim Walker, and his sexy dark-haired counterpart, Mickey Moon. Indeed, whilst the opening display here of snow and ice is pleasant enough, it sure as fuck doesn't compare to the sight of these two Eastern beauties doing their best to keep warm together indoors. Mind, given the amount of sexual energy on display here there's no need for a fire or extra blankets. These two boys are quite literally on fire, sucking each other's dicks in turn before engaging in a very sensual session of 69-ing that'll have you rubbing your own pounding flesh for sure. Don't show your appreciation too soon, though. The sight of Moon literally sitting on Walker's face so that the blond lad can rim his mate's ass simply adds to the scene's intensity; whilst matters reach boiling point when Moon thrusts his legs akimbo so that Walker can mount that hungry little hole of his. Thereafter it's all guns blazing as the two stags rut like a pair of oversexed hyenas; culminating in Moon being shafted from behind and then both boys spewing like fountains into open mouths. It's raw, it's raunchy - but above all it's exactly the kind of twink-fuelled filth that we know you love! Winter wonderland part 4 - horny twinks keep warm by fucking raw! HD


Dan and Sheridan is another excellent video from Sean Cody. There is intense sexual tension and mutual attractions by the two models. Sean Cody has a knack of picking the sexiest, physically fit, and very handsome male models for his new scenes. The quality, videography, camera close-ups, and various angles continue to improve. I do want to suggest that models not have their public hair, balls, and anal area shaved, but leave it natural. I think a big bush, hairy balls, and anal area hair is super sexy, and more natural, as opposed to shaved pubes, balls, etc. Overall, all of Sean Cody's videos are excellent. 


"You might find it hard to believe that Aiden's world could be rocked after all the sexual shenanigans we've seen him in - triple loads, quadruple loads, double penetrations, dominations, toys, quintuple loads … what's that? We haven't seen that? Oh … well maybe one day ;)"