Tuesday, 16 April 2013



This boy is packing some meat!! Dylan Ayres returns to BelAmiOnline for a special Pin-Up photoshoot that puts all his assets on display. Dylan is a hot brown haired, muscle stud packing a giant uncut cock…wow! Get to know each and every inch of his sexy body and long uncut cock.



It wasn't too long ago that Rick McCoy was a mere freshman at taking cock up his ass. Well after this scene with Jackson Klein we'd say he's graduated with honors ... Join them!


"Watch as these cute, toned twinks eagerly give each other a helping hand with their throbbing cocks as they want nothing more than an orgasmic explosion of spunk.
Life on a farm might be hard, but definitely not as hard as the cocks or our nine gorgeous farm boys. They prefer to use their big pricks for fucking around in the barn or stable rather than working on the field. They really grow'em BIG!"


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Once again director Joe Pepper has gathered 10 of the cutest twink guys of the industry for Raw Pleasure, locked them into an appartment, and made them do what ever came to his kinky mind.
With bare and deep exploration of tight boy-asses, deep-throat cock sucking and explosive facial cumshots, it’s true pleasure for everyone. Dreams really do cum true!
Watch these barebacking European twinks in Raw Pleasure from Pepe Dreams!
Starring Alan Craft, Chester Pool, David Russo, Frank Myers, Matthew Ross, Ronny Howard, Sam Brooks, Thomas Fiaty, Val Horner, Victor Klicko."


Jake Andrews and Shane Wright are two hunky young studs who have their tongues deep inside each others’ mouths when the camera catches up with them on a covered patio. Their perfectly sculpted upper bodies look amazing and the view only gets better once Jake drops to his knees and pulls off Shane’s colorful briefs. He swallows Shane’s cock and adds a little ball-sucking for good measure. Turnabout is fair play and Jake kicks back on the chaise lounge to get his dick expertly serviced. Shane’s bubble butt is aching for some raw fucking and Jake is happy to accommodate him. Jake’s got an extra thick tool but his buddy Shane takes it like a man, riding him until he shoots all over Jake’s face. For the scene climax, Shane gets on his back and gets fucked some more until Jake cums all over Shane’s crack.


"No one ever escapes from Bareback Alcatraz... because no one would want to! If you had fellow cell-mates and guards that were as hot as this, lock-up would sound damn appealing. Nine ripped European studs 


"I always get excited when a really hot guy wants to explore his sexuality!
“Yeah, I’ve thought about it,” Chase admitted. “I think most guys do, but never act on it.”
“How do you think it’s going to go?” I asked.
“I dunno,” he replied. “They say guys are better at this sort of thing because they know their way around!”
Coleman was new at this too.
“Well, I will do my best!” he laughed.
Coleman gave Chase’s cock a lot of attention, but I was really surprised when he dove into Chase’s asshole!
“It feels amazing,” Chase told us on a break. “It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before!”"


Gregor Bortel has gone to see Tomas Kukal at the rehabilitation centre. Tomas is going to take him through some exercises and then massage him to help him with his recovery from an injury. The start off with some exercises, stretching the muscles. Gregor dutifully copies everything that Tomas does until he is fully stretched. Then he lays on the pommel horse for his massage. Tomas takes some oil and drips it on Gregor's chest and then begins to work it in with his fingers. They move over Gregor's chest and abdomen and then down to his legs. After working on the legs Tomas pulls the leg of Gregor's shorts aside and takes hold of his cock. He begins to wank it with his oily hand, feeling it swell from his touch. Gregor's cock soon gets hard and Tomas leans over and kisses him on the mouth. Then he works his way down Gregor's body, kissing as he goes, until his mouth reaches that hard cock. He sucks on the cock and, after removing the shorts, on the balls too. His mouth works over that cock and his tongue licks up and down the shaft. As he sucks Tomas' cock also gets hard. He removes his shorts and slides his cock into Gregor's mouth for him to suck. Then Tomas swings a leg over so that his ass is positioned over Gregor's face with the cheeks spread. Gregor wastes no time in getting a taste of that sweet hole, his tongue flicking at it very nicely. As he rims Tomas' ass Gregor wanks himself and then they move, so that Tomas is on his knees on the horse with Gregor behind him, sliding his cock in and out of that tight hole. He fucks Tomas with nice long strokes, slowly working in and out of his hole. Tomas loves the feeling and changes position, so that he is on his back, with a leg in the air. Gregor's dick is deep in his ass, filling it real well. Another change sees Gregor on his back and Tomas sitting right down on that rock hard cock, riding it real well. He loves how that cock feels in his ass and his own dick is throbbing, hard and ready to blow. Tomas takes hold of it and wanks it as he continues to ride on Gregor's. Soon he shoot his load all over the horse with his ass still riding Gregor. Then Tomas lays on the horse so that Gregor can shoot his cum all over his chest. He then takes the spent cock in his mouth to drain it completely as a finale to a great scene.


 Dylan Ayres is pretty new to Bel Ami. Fans will have seen him in a solo pin-up shoot recently but now here he is in a hardcore barebacking session with the gorgeous Jason Clark. Dylan’s great looks and big uncut dick prove a hit with his partner, who slurps away on that cock before lying back and taking it raw in his tender hole. It’s Dylan’s first ass fuck on film and we love it! 


"Teo One of my favorite guys!
I feel like I keep patting myself on the back with pairings lately. When Glenn walked in the door, I immediately wanted to put him with Teo. Teo has a ton of energy, while Glenn is a quiet type, but for some reason I thought they would fit nicely. 
A lot more at my sexy corner! Follow the link."